The first model of this guitar was designed and manufactured for Damien ARIBERT, guitarist and composer won the Award "Artist of the year 2017" by the International Art Society.


This guitar is distinguished by the shape of the head is a unique model, designed by Damien Aribert himself, and the rosette, all elegance and sobriety, which characterize all his guitars.


The armrest is also one of his requests, to optimize the comfort of play.


The choice of wood used for the different parts of the guitar offers both a powerful game and a wide range of sound colors that allow Damien Aribert to express all its sensitivity.




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Western red cedar top

Solid Cocobolo back and multilayer wallnut and mapple

Solid Cocobolo sides with cypress inside


Old Western red cedar Double top, honeycomb between


High gloss nitrocellulose lacquer


Order only


10000€, flight case BAM include

Mother-of-pearl inlays are optional